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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sydney - Green Day - Friday 16 September

We decided to go into the city to enjoy some of the "green" delights on offer.

We managed to sample two.

First - we visited Jeremy Buckingham's office at Parliament House.

It was interesting as we went through Security in our No Fracking T-shirts. They told us that we could not wear "protest" T-shirts inside Parliament House. We pointed out that Julie only had a bra under hers. Because I had mine on over my shirt they asked if I could take mine off, turn it inside out and let Julie wear it. The things we do!

When we got up to Level 11 Justin and Jeremy made us feel very welcome.

Julie tried out Justin's chair to see how it felt.
Julie in charge - with a little help from Justin.

What??? You want your chair back???
 Second - we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens.

By this time I had my T-shirt back
It was great to spend a couple of hours wandering through a green island in the heart of the city.

Out T-shirts attracted some interest and two women engaged us in conversation. One was from ballina and the other from Mullumbimby. We had to laugh!

Michael & Julie

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