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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What can I do??? - Sunday 25 September

Along the way one of the most frequently asked questions has been "What can I do to help stop CSG?"

Besides participating in the National Day of Action on Sunday 16 October there are many things that individuals can do to help the cause.

Julie put together a list of 20 things that individuals can do. Here is the list:

1.           Paint banners & put them on fences

2.           Write to Barry O’Farrell

3.           Organise local rallies and other media events

4.           Wear anti-CSG T-Shirt (constantly)

5.           Put a sign in the window of your car

6.           Join a local Action Group

7.          Write letters to local and other newspapers

8.           Meet with your local MP

9.           Lobby your local council

10.         Donate $$$ to Lock The Gate Alliance

11.         Get local sponsors

12.         Fundraising

13.         Spread the word – print & distribute brochures

14.         Write to ALL major political parties. Tell them you don’t want CSGM.

              Ask them “Do you want me to vote for the Greens?”

15.         Whatever your political persuasion, support the Greens in their stance against CSGM.

16.         Join Lock The Gate Alliance. Be a part of the biggest lobby group against CSGM. Know that   People Power does work.

17.         Gather support – speak to local community groups eg Rotary etc.

18.         Stand up for clean renewable energy

19.         Make your voice heard loud and clear

             “Not only do we not want CSG – We will not have it!”
       20.        Donate $$$ to GetUp! to help the advertising campaign

Send us your comments with additional suggestions.

Michael & Julie

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  1. Julie and Michael I take my hat off to you both. I was at the Village Green at Blacktown on Sat morning (24th Sept) and shook Michaels hand and congratulated him on the work you both are doing. I have posted off 5 letters this morning and friends have posted another 5..We will definately be at the march /meeting in the city on the 16th October, because you have made me believe there is something we can do....
    All the best to you both
    Anne Dean